The Proper Way to Secure Your Tool Shed

Many people ignore the expensive items they keep in their tool shed and they often overlook the security matter. You probably have many tools at home and some of them might be quite expensive so protecting them might be a wise thing to do. Your tool shed could become a target for burglars looking for anything valuable to steal so you might want to consider some efficient security measures that will keep your tool shed locked.

Strengthen the structure

If your tool shed is rotten, rusted, or has large patches that make it seem like it will fall apart, it is likely that someone will try to get inside it and they will probably succeed without much effort. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to make the tool shed more durable and harder to break into. Repair any damage, cover the patches, install solid hinges, and strengthen the structure with metal bars.

Install a solid door

Also, you need to make sure that the tool shed door will not be broken easily without you even hearing a sound. Most tool sheds are made of wood and the door is also made of wood and this type of door is definitely not the most solid one so it’s easy to break down. A solid door with metal reinforcement will be harder to knock down so the tools will be more at safe.

Replace the old lock with a Noke smart lock

Old regular locks are no longer an obstacle for thieves who have perfected their abilities to unlock even the most solid locks. Chances are that your old lock will be easily opened with a needle so you should go to the next level and install a smart lock like the Noke that allows you to enter your shed without having to use a key or remember a code. Simply download the app and have your phone with you and the lock will open on its own.

Consider installing the Chamberlain Whisper Drive

If you keep your tools in the garage, you have even more reasons to increase the security measures because if burglars get inside your garage, they could easily get inside your house as well. The most efficient garage security device is a garage door opener like the Chamberlain Whisper Drive, a quiet and durable unit that improves the security of your garage. Install it and it will guarantee that the garage door will stay locked when you want it to stay locked so your tools will be kept safe.