Build Your Own Garden Gym

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on gym memberships just to go and share the equipment with other people, why not build your own gym at home? Better yet, why not build a garden gym where you can relax and enjoy your beautiful garden and a gym without sacrificing home space? Perhaps our article will serve as motivation for you to build a garden gym to enjoy the benefits of working out outdoors.

Choose a private place

You will want your home garden gym to be private and peaceful so the front yard is not a good idea. It’s best to choose a more hidden place in the backyard like a place surrounded by trees where people can’t see you and disturb your workout sessions. The garden shed can be an excellent spot for a gym although it might need some repairs before using it. What you need to bare in mind is that the shed must be taller than you so you will be able to raise a barbell above your head without crashing the ceiling. You can also build the gym on the patio as long as you can protect the fitness equipment from the weather.

Buy the right equipment

Once you have the place for the gym, it’s time to equip it and given that you want to lower the investment, you need to choose only the most useful and practical machines. For instance, you could opt for a treadmill that replaces running and offers you an intense cardio workout. Fitnessclub 500W is a folding electric treadmill just perfect for a garden gym and that is now available for $176. It has a monitor that shows speed, time, and distance, and uses a quality deck that provides comfort and safety in use.
Pair the treadmill with a rowing machine that trains your entire body, help you lose weigh, and increases your workout endurance. Stamina Precision rower costs only $270 and can asses you in your workout sessions with the hydraulic cylinder and the adjustable tension control. The rower has a performance monitor that displays time, speed, distance, calories burned, and row count.
For any type of exercise you might want to try, you will find weighted clothing extremely practical. Items like weighted vests and arm and ankle sleeves will help you increase the efficiency of your exercises by adding more weight that your body needs to handle.