How to Maintain an Outdoor Hot Tub

Owning an outdoor hot tub is without a doubt a wonderful thing. You can relax at any time of day you want, with your entire family and your friends, not to talk about the health benefits that a unit like this provides. Keep in mind that for your safety, it is essential to know how to maintain an outdoor hot tub. Therefore, here is how to do that.

Test and apply chemicals to the water

You need to test the water and then apply the necessary chemicals. You can do this by using some test strips. It is highly recommended to do this test once a week, or even twice if it is possible. These test strips can be found these days in all spa stores. Therefore, don’t forget to add them to your shopping list. Once you have checked the chemical and mineral levels in your hot tub, you need to add the chemicals to the water. What you actually need to do is to add one chemical at a time. You must wait around 2 hours before adding another chemical. By doing so, the chemicals will have plenty of time to disperse naturally. Furthermore, this procedure will also minimize the risk of a chemical reaction between those additives that can cause serious problems. You must also keep in mind to add chlorine or bromine in order to sanitize your hot tub. Always use those test strips for maintaining the correct chemical levels.

Clean very well your filter and cover

It is very important to do this once every two weeks. When the filter stops working or it is damaged, you definitely need to replace it. You will know if this is the case, if you notice that your filter becomes dirty again after you have just clean it. Some of these filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher as well, and if you do that then you need to make sure you turn off the built-in water heater. If the water is over 140 degrees F, it will definitely damage the filter. In order to clean very well your hot tub, you must use a granular filter cleaner. You must do this every 3 months. On the other hand, the cover needs to be cleaned once a month. A gentle purpose cleaner and a soft sponge will help you obtain a wonderful result. It is essential to know exactly how to maintain an outdoor hot tub, in order to make sure your health will not be affected and that your unit works properly.