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Electric Vs. Gas Powered Snow Blowers

Snow blowers are among the most popular and useful garden tools that can make your life a lot easier with their functionality and efficiency. One of the aspects that differentiates them is the type of fuel they use and you can choose between electric or gas powered snow blowers, each model having its pros and cons. Let’s have a closer look at both models and see which one you should choose for your garden.

Performance in clearing the snow

  • Usually, electric snow blowers have a narrower clearing path which means you will need to run it over the ground more times than the gas snow blower that can clear a wider path. Both models feature an auger that crushes the snow and a chute that throws it away, the only difference being in the power of each unit. Gas snow blowers, however, tend to show more performance in clearing heavy snow in larger drifts.

Ease in handling

  • Electric models are much smaller than the gas powered version because they have a smaller motor and don’t need room for the fuel tank. This makes electric snow blowers easier to handle in small garden so if you don’t have plenty of space to clean in the winter, we advise you to opt for the electric version. Still, the fact they use a power cord to stay on means you are limited by the length of this power cord and in many cases, it might get in your way while clearing the snow. The gas snow blowers might be bulkier but they don’t limit your snow clearing area since there is no cord.
  • Electric snow blowers feature an electric start that guarantees the unit will start even in the lowest temperatures. The gas model, on the other hand, comes with a pull cord that can be tricky especially when it’s cold outside and when your hands are freezing.
  • Another detail to keep in mind is that the electric snow blower is far quieter than the gas powered one because the engine runs smoother. This will allow you to use the unit early in the morning or late at night without deafening your neighbors and yourself.


  • Over time, you need to take care of your snow blower to guarantee it will keep working properly. When it comes to the maintenance aspect, the two models are very different. The electric one requires little maintenance while the gas one needs you to replace filters and oils that add to the initial cost of the unit.